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  • Preventative Services and Tips:

    Since gum disease and other health problems may be linked, keeping your teeth and gums healthy is very important. Our gums and bone anchor teeth firmly in place. Gum disease occurs when plaque is attached to our teeth and gives off by-products that destroy the tissues that anchor the teeth in bone. This creates pockets that can cause early tooth loss, bad-breath, sensitive teeth, and teeth that are more prone to decay. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • 1) Schedule regular dental check ups. Professional cleanings are the only way to remove tartar, which traps plaque bacteria along or below the gum line.

  • 2) Brush your teeth twice a day. Floss or use another inter-dental cleaner once a day. Also, use an antimicrobial mouth rinse.

  • 3) Choose dental products in the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The ADA seal tells consumers that the product is not only safe, but does what it claims to do.

  • Tell your dentist about changes in your health. The mouth is a window into the health of a body. Some diseases that affect the entire body may first be noticed because of mouth sores or other oral problems.